The Wedding Quilt

When Todd and I were married instead of having a guest book, I made quilt blocks and asked each of our guests to sign one. Later I sewed them into a quilt and had it professionally quilted. It hangs in our living room just inside the front door. It takes up the entire wall! Below is a drawing of the quilt to show the thoughtful things our friends and family wrote. Click on the drawing to see a larger image of the drawing. Underneath the drawing are details about each of the people.

Row 1
Wendy, Shoshone, and Kennedy Cobb I worked with Wendy in Omaha at PTI.
Phil Mathey Todd went to school with Phil.
Connie and Eric Johnson I worked with Connie in Minnesota at Datacard.
Cory Cory was our wedding consultant at A Villa Louisa.
Andrea Youngsman Andrea is Todd's step-sister.
Jenn Forman and Kevin Frankl Jenn is a good friend and was the matron of honor.
Sandy Sabella Todd met Sandy while working at Loctite.
Row 2
Gail Layden Gail is Steve, Andy and Matt Layden's mom. Her sons are friends of Todd's from school.
Brian Mulcahey and Lydia Hsu Todd went to school with Brian.
Steve Layden Todd went to school with Steve's brothers.
Art and Joan Burritt Todd went to school with Art.
Ewald and Helga Dickau Ewald and Helga are Martin's parents. Todd went to school with Martin.
Jim and Debbie Marquardt Jim and Debbie are Todd's aunt and uncle.
Jennifer Wurth I met Jennifer while working at PTI in Omaha.
Row 3
Rick Barstow Rick is Todd's brother-in-law.
Liz and Charlie Whynacht Todd has run with Charlie for years.
Chris and Pam Miller Todd went to school with Chris.
Howard and Deb Owsley I met Howard and Deb while working at Offutt Airforce Base in Bellevue Nebraska.
Bill, Kathy, Nate and Zach Bishop Kathy is my sister.
Karin and Eerik Maandi Karin and Eerik are our neighbors.
Jeff Ladd Jeff Ladd played the soprano saxophone at the wedding ceremony and DJ'ed at the reception.
Row 4
Andy Layden Todd went to school with Andy.
Nick Schade Todd went to school with Nick.
Betty Brown Betty is Todd's mom.
Steve and Lori Kurland Steve went to school with Steve.
Pat Packard Pat is Todd's step-mom.
Darlene and Lawson Sargent Todd met Lawson while working at Loctite.
Steve and Lori Kurland I accidently included two blocks from Steve and Lori.
Row 5
Gary House Gary is my dad.
Nick Schade Nick has two blocks in the quilt.
Betsy, Rick, William and Julia Barstow Betsy is Todd's sister.
John Takvorian Todd went to school with John.
Ellen and Martin Dickau Todd went to school with Martin.
Lynn Norgren Lynn was the photographer at the wedding.
Matt and Karen Layden Todd went to school with Matt.

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